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Weigh In #2 on the Big Challenge!

Yesterday morning I got up and jumped on the scale! As it groaned under the load it reported a hefty 239.4.  I am sad to report that since last week there was scant progress towards my goal.

I know exactly why I made so little progress.  Instead of the going to the gym I dove 5 days last week.  And after diving, we went out to dinner where I ate far too much of my favorite foods like pizza and penne.   I am kinda bummed.  I took some progress photos tonight and when I compared them to the first set, I didn’t see any change.  My friends say they have noticed and I feel a little better.  But I still feel fat and by definition I am.

This week has started a little better.  I spent some time at the gym on Monday running and doing abs.  Running is becoming progressively easier for me.  When I started, I could run for 1.5 minutes and then walk for 1 minute.  Then I switched to running 1.5 minutes and walking for 30 seconds.  Now I am running for 2.5 minutes and walking for 30 seconds.  I only really start to struggle around the 25 minute mark.  I am currently running at a 5mph pace.  Next time I run, I am going to try and run continuously and skip the breaks.  I was running like that last fall.

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Weigh In #1 on the Big Challenge!

Friends and family, please excuse me.  I have been too busy diving to post my weigh in information.  I originally weighed myself for this post on Monday the 24th.

I figured out that I will get a total of 4 weigh in’s before I start my next round of sidemount training. Today is 7 days since the challenge started and I am making good progress. My weight today was 240.4lbs (109 kilos). I am down about 6lbs. Next week, I will post some photos.

I have had two comments on the ideal weight of 132lbs. THIS IS NOT MY GOAL. It was a number that came from the recommended BMI. I can’t even imagine myself near that weight.  Maybe you can and want to draw a picture for me.  I will be more then happy to post it, if you scan it and send it to me.

I am a big boy. Big bones and big legs and big arse. Even in high school when I was pretty thin, I was already 180lbs. I can’t imagine getting below that. My long term goal is 200lbs. My short term goal is 10lbs.

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Response to Anna and Weight Loss Calculations

Anna commented that my potential target weight of 132lbs wasn’t really reasonable. I agree that 132lbs would be a little slim for me. But just think about it, I would go from a 40 inch waist to a 28. I would be hot.

Her comment got me thinking. How long would it take me to get to 132lbs (60kg)? What would be involved? To achieve that kind of weight loss, I would have to create a caloric deficit of 392,000 calories [ (244-132) * 3500 ]. At best, I think I could create a daily deficit of about 1200 calories at my current weight. It would take me approximately 326 days of continuous dieting, if I could sustain a 1200 calorie deficit. Unfortunately, that is not possible. As I lose weight, my ability to post the required deficits will decrease. The time line will grow and grow as I lose more weight. This prompted me to figure out how to calculate the real time to lose the weight. I came up with 505 days. This is based on running 1 hour a day at an 11 minute/mile pace. That means I am covering 5.45 miles per day. And during this challenge I would run a total of 2752.25.

The math goes something like this. Take your weight and subtract your daily weight loss. And do this repeatedly until you hit your target weight. Don’t forget to track the number of times you need to do this calculation. To calculate your daily weight loss multiple your current weight by .79 (Running Coefficient) then multiple by the distance in miles you ran and then divide by 3500. [current weight * distance * .79 / 3500].

Anyone who does this on paper should send me a scan of it, I will post it. I am a little lazier and wrote a PHP program to do it for me. Here is the code:

$Weight = 244; // Starting weight
$Target = 132; // Target weight
$Days = 1; // Counter for duration of torture
while ($Weight &gt;= $Target){
// Lets lose that weight
$Weight = $Weight - ($Weight * 5.4 * .79/ 3500);
echo "Days: " . $Days . " Weight: " . round($Weight, 0);

When I listed each day’s weight from my calculation, I was surprised by how well the results aligned with the results of my previous weight loss 2 years ago. It took me from January to June (181 Days) to go from 258lbs to 198lbs. The calculation says it should take me about 219 days. However, if I bump the distance up to 6.5 miles then the calculation lands a day short at 180 days. To be honest, when I was working on the weight loss then, I was mountain biking 10-15 hours per week and going to the gym. So, I was working a little harder then the original calculation accounts for.

Weight loss is pretty simple. Just create the necessary caloric deficit. This can be accomplished by changing the input or the output. Eat less calories or exercise more. In my case, I need to do both. If I am dedicated, I can plan my weight loss by counting the input and calculating the output. If I want to lose more, then I need to change one of the variables.

This isn’t easy. I wanted a Magna bar yesterday so bad! I was obsessing about it, I couldn’t think about anything else. I felt desperate, like I was starved for air. I honestly felt that bad. I had to make a decision not to stop at Oxxo and get one. When I got home, I ate a couple of egg whites and a piece of toast to quench the hunger. It is a series of small decisions that lead to big results.

Notes: I got my Running Co-efficient from Cool Running. I took a look at their JavaScript calculator and lifted it. I haven’t verified it. None of my calculations take into account any of the other changes your body will under go.

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Diving, Fitness and a Decision.

Fat people shouldn’t dive. They shouldn’t technical dive or do extremely demanding dives. I believe they put themselves and others at risk. And this belief poses a huge dilemma for me. My opinion of myself is that I am pretty fat and it seems that the NIH (Nation Institute of Health) would agree. The NIH defines obese as having a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or more. BMI is a correlation of height and weight. As of today, I weigh 246lbs or 112Kilos. At my height of 5’10” or 1.7 meters, I have a BMI of 35.4. I am surprised I didn’t keel over and have a heart attack while making those calculations.

The NIH suggests that the ideal BMI is 19 to 25, that gives me an ideal weight range of about 132 (60) to 174 lbs (79Kilos). Now, I have a target and I can attempt to resolve this dilemma. I have made a decision to loose 10lbs ( 4.5 kilos) before my next training session with Steve. I have gone ahead and announced this to Steve, Patrick, Katie, Allie, Scott, Pietro and some random customers at Protec. Everyone had a good laugh and asked when my next trianing session was? When I told them a month, they had another good laugh. They suggested I might need till 2009.

In my mind the only other option was to quit diving all together and blot out my miserable existence by eating myself to death. And however appealing that might be here in Mexico, I love Pastor, it just doesn’t seem like a reasonable solution. Who would I give my Meg to? Who would spend the day at Grand Cenote making fun of Patrick the Austrian Cave Extraordinare?

I am sure you are wondering what the plan will involve? Aren’t you? The plan is to spend more time in the gym and less time eating my favorite foods: chips, ice cream, gummy bears, pastor, fried shrimp tacos, twix, butter, and butter. I know this this completely laughable. However, I have already started on my path. In 2006, I lost 60lbs. I used a system called Leanness Life Style. It concentrated on defining achievable goals and then creating a food plan and a workout schedule that delivered the appropriate caloric deficits to achieve the desired weight loss. When I followed the plan closely, I regularly beat my projected losses. I was able to loose the 60lbs in about 5 months. So, I am committing to the Leanness system. No matter what happens, I will post regular updates on my progress.

I believe that I cannot make my weight loss contingent on anyone or anything. I will have to find a way to eat in a healthy way here in Mexico. To be honest, my life depends on it. Plus, there is a pool at Protec.

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