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Travel Time. Destination New Jersey.

The last couple of months of diving have been fantastic but I knew the role had to come to an end.  This week I am back in the states to do some paper work and get some much needed dive gear!

The first stop when I got back to New Jersey on Friday was the dive shop.  For the last two months Nando from Protech has lent me his sidemount regulators, two Dive Rite RG3000’s.  They worked great except for the swivels he used.    For the right tank he mounted a Scuba Pro second stage so the hose routing could be reversed.  The left tank was a standard RG3000.  The hoses were shorter then standard and I mounted replacement  120 degree Scuba Pro swivels.  I want to thank Nando, becuase I didn’t have access to anything but my Apeks ATX200’s and they were sub-optimal.

That has changed!  I purchased 4 Apeks XTX50s with DST first stages.  No more dicking around with borrowed gear and worrying about it.  I am completely stoked to have my own rig and a dedicated set of regs.  Things are really coming together.  I can’t wait to get to Mexico and get them setup.  I love the way new well tuned regs breath, especially Apeks regs.   In addition to the regulators, I got some 6″ HP hoses, some dive slates for making survey slates, some new compasses for the survey slates, plus some other assorted goodies.

While we were at the dive shop, Allie tried on a bunch of semi-dry suits from Pinacle, Camerao and Mares.  NONE OF THEM FIT RIGHT!  The best suit by far was the Mares.  It was really slick.  The problem was the arms and legs were a couple of inches too long.  But it looked very well constructed and the seals were looking sealed.  The Camerao suits just didn’t really fit, water would have leaked in from the neck defeating the purpose of the semi-dry.  And by the time she got to the Pinacle she was so exhausted, she only got through one suit.  She isn’t sure how she is going to solve the freezing problem.  1.25 hours into a dive and she is shivering and her hands are numb.  She is going to keep looking and I will keep you posted.

The only other item of note is that I received my Sartek lights on Friday!   I am looking forward to getting them south of the boarder and in the water.  The new cable looks very slick and I have a new LION battery.  Gotta love the advertised 8 hour burn time.

I have one dive post that is waiting in the wings.  I had a very interesting dive at Pet Cemetery last Wednesday.  But I am going to save that for after I have spoken to the proper authorities.  Remember my advice about not relying on little plastic discs (line markers) to get you home, maybe I should expand that to not relying on the continuous guideline that was there 80 minutes earlier.  More on that in a couple of days.

Remember, in additional to diving the line, you really need to dive the cave.  Your never sure the line will be there when you get back!

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1 John K { 05.04.08 at 8:30 am }


Welcome back. Let me know if you what to come out this way during the week. Sound like our conversations about navigation were very timely.