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Another week another 1.6lbs! Weigh in #5.

Another week of working out has elapsed and I have lost anther 1.6lbs. My weight today was 234lbs (106kilos). There were a couple of days in the last period that my weight found a plateau and actually rose a little. I attributed it to the pint of Ben and Jerries Cookie Dough and 2 packages of Gummi Bears. Plus, I have come to believe that after any workout that I am sore, I gain a little weight in water. When I hit a plateau, it is really distressing; even though I know it will pass.

The workouts and running are getting more intense. Today, I ran for two miles with only a 1 minute break in the middle. The last tenth of each mile I sprinted. This was the first time I broke out from my run walk scheme into sustained running. It is a nice accomplishment. The last time I was able to run for more then 5 minutes was last fall. So going from a basically sedentary lifestyle to being able to run/sprint for two miles took me about 5 weeks. I would like to work up to running three miles and not taking any breaks.

Weight lifting is also getting more intense. In the past, I have always worked out alone. I found this to be a problem, because I was never really inclined to really push. I would just do my routines and incrementally increase the weight. I wasn’t really driven.

Working out with someone about the same strength provides me with a lot of motivation. I am a very competitive person and Sol makes the perfect competitor because he brings levity to our workouts. We spend most of the time laughing while the muscle-heads are grunting. Driving the weight up is a game for us. He is stronger in the upper body and I am stronger in the legs. He pushes the weight in the upper body and I do it for the lower body. It makes going to The Gym in Playa Del Carmen much more fun.


1 John K { 04.27.08 at 4:48 pm }


Since I am a runner I feel qualified to provide some advise. To increase the amount of fat burning you should adjust your running workout to be more than 30 minutes in duration. I would say you should dial down the intensity/speed and find a slower pace that you can consistently maintain for 30-45 minutes. The reason for this (in layman terms) is that your body clicks over to burn the energy stored as fat after about this period of time.


2 Hans { 04.28.08 at 10:02 am }

Ug… more good advice and more running! My workout partner and I have heard this more then once now, but neither of us wants to believe it. I have worked myself up to about 25 minutes of running. I will make the next goal 35. I will turn back the intensity a little and give it a shot this week.