Cave Diving, Cave Exploration and Cave Mapping in Yucatan, Mexico
Hans and Allie smiling for the camera

Loosing the fat couldn’t be any easier! Weigh in #4.

My weight this morning was 235.6lbs (106Kilos) and I am excited. I have exceeded my goal for this challenge! When I first moved to Mexico I weighed about 255lbs (116Kilos). I felt really fat and I looked like it. My performance in the water and walking around town reflected it. Then I got sick with bronchitis and lost about 10lbs. I thought it was the coolest diet ever. Sick for a week and lose the weight. I wished I had been sick longer. Unfortunately, I put 5lbs back on as soon I got back to eating. However, the idea was in my head that I could lose the weight again.

Some of the benefits of this weight loss are that my shorts are starting to fit better and so are the t-shirts. Some shirts that I had moved but been unable to wear now fit. A big guy sqeezing into a t-shirt is kinda gross and sad. I have noticed a drop in fatigue after diving and the equipment is becoming easier to manage to and from the water.

I meet a cave diver on vacation from Canada, he was on a stop over here in Playa Del Carmen returning from diving the Antartic, and he asked me, “How much effort and change is involved in loosing weight?” I was stunned for a second and wasn’t sure how to answer. I started to give the following answer, when he interrupted me to tell me about how he wants to loose some weight when he gets home.

The first step was to make a decision. After the decision, all I need to do is take a little action and repeatedly reaffirm the decision. My schedule involves 2-3 days a week at the gym for 1-1.5 hours. While at the gym I run for 20-30 minutes. The rest of the time is spent lifting weights or doing hypers/abs. I work out with a friend named Solomen and we look for new and interesting ways to torture ourselves. We mix lower body and upper body. I think I get the most out of the core work. The hypers and ab exercises have really strengthened my mid section and made me much more comfortable with tanks and heavy/awkward loads. The upper body work is more about burning calories and vanity. I have always wanted Peck muscles that were visible through my shirt. Unfortunately, what has been visible through my shirt for the past couple of years has been my Man Tits, a very weak substitute.

The biggest change has been in my diet. I have stopped finishing all the food on my plate! This is a biggy because I had fallen back in to the habit of eating till I was painful full. This step alone has cut down on my caloric intake. I have also stopped eating out every meal. Now breakfast includes peppers, onions and 2-3 egg whites. Lunch is a tuna sandwich. And dinner varies, but I have cut Pastore out of my diet. I am still going for ice cream fairly regularly. Progress not perfection.

I am sure I have made other small changes that add up, but I am not sure what they are and they haven’t really effected my life in a negative way. Most of the crap I was eating, I didn’t really need. I was just filling the hole with sugar and fat. The overall effort is reasonable and the dietary constraints are not really noticeable. Just sensible choices with a little effort.