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Weigh In #3 on the Big Challenge!

Progress has been slow the last week.  I spent too much time eating out and not enough time in the gym.  My new weight is: 237.2lbs (107.6Kilos).  I am currently 1.2lbs short of my goal.  I would really like to exceed my goal by a couple of pounds.  I am confident that with a reasonable amount of dedication I will make it.

I am very happy to report that it is becoming increasingly easier to go to the gym and workout.  The first couple of weeks really sucked.  I wasn’t motivated and all I could think about was the suffering.  The last two trips to the gym were pretty cool.  Yesterday, instead of bailing out when my workout partner, Sol, left.  I took the extra 20 minutes I had and got back on the treadmill for a second run.   Last week when he didn’t show, I actually stayed and did a full workout concentrating on cardio, body weight work, abs and lower back.  I think I am getting stronger and the running is definitely getting easier.

I vividly remember going to the gym becoming an indispensable daily ritual the last time I lost a bunch of weight.   Either I went to the gym or went out an peeled off 12-30 miles on the road bike, just about everyday.  On the weekends we would go for a 4-5 hour mountain bike ride.  Here in Playa Del Carmen, I am looking for a similar rhythm.  Right now it looks like it is concentrated on the gym, however I want to expand.

I am not all that excited about bringing my road bike down.  The roads here can be pretty gnarly and I am not sure I want to spend that much time under the baking sun.  I have been thinking about other options and I came up with open water swimming.   I am going to talk to Allie it; she is a strong swimmer and was on the masters team in Mount Lakes, NJ.  Maybe she will have some insight.  We have a beautiful ocean a couple of blocks away.  Maybe we should go for a swim in the morning.