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Dive: 365 – Minotauro Cave Dive

Left the house around 3:30PM and made good time to the cenote. The plan was for a side mount dive upstream and take the first marked jump to the left. Then jump onto the main loop and confirm that I can do the circuit. The first thing I discovered was that my new spools were not setup properly, the loops were too small. And they got tangled together on my butt ring. So, when I went to pull a spool it was a mess and when I went to install it, I got a nasty surprise. After sorting out the web hanging from my butt ring, I fished for an older spool made the jump and continued up through the restriction. It is much easier in side mount then back mount. The last time I passed that restriction, I had to remove my buddy bottle and really make and effort to get through. This time, I just twisted a little and I was through. Then I jumped on to the main loop line, turned left and discovered the gold kermantel line had been replaced by white exploration line. I kindly liked the yellow line, I am going to miss it..

Note to self, always check new spools in detail.

I made it to my confirmation point, the directional change in the arrows. I had time to spare, so I made the marked jump and went to the end of the line. On my way back I decided to check out the cross over in the loop, I could see from the main line that the guideline looked like a complete mess with a ball of line tied together. Also, the placement of the line on the ceiling is awful. I didn’t have time to stop and fix the line. I might go back on Thursday and fix it or let one of the more experienced divers know.

The end of the dive was buttoned up with more practice in open water with some new methods of laying down line. Steve taught me how to make locking ramps at speed. I haven’t quiet got it. Figuring out when to put your hand in the line and twist is challenging. I also spent 10-15 minutes practicing swimming backwards. I am happy to report that compared to last Tuesday, I am making good progress going backwards. I started to really get it today and I have learned how to not always rise. This is going to take more practice. As far as I am concerned, those were my two weakest skills from side mount class. I am sure there are others.

This was my 5th visit to Minotauro. I really dig this place. I am looking forward to going down stream again. Last time I went downstream I was in back mount with a buddy bottle. Those who know the place, know it is tight and dark down there. Not really optimal for back mount. Now that I have another option, I don’t think I would do it again in back mount. I have about 7.5 hours run time inside the cave to date.

The only thing that is really plauging me about Minotauro is the location of Escondido. I have been kind of looking for it, but I am not sure the map is accurate or if there is still a path to it. If you know how to find it, please chime in?

Max Depth: 49ffw
Run Time: 88 minutes


1 david { 08.02.08 at 7:19 pm }

Hello Hans, this is David from forum “Aktun” if exiting from minotauro road will see a bifurcatiòn, left main entrance, right jungle overgrow, walk it and search to your right the cenote is not far, no more than 50 meters, must climb down to reach the water and basin.

2 Hans { 08.02.08 at 10:38 pm }

David, I found Escondido a while ago and forgot about this post. It is now on private property behind a house. I have not found a way to access it with out cross the property. It is kind of a bummer.

In any event, we dove Minotauro again this week. We did the other up stream section and did both of the circuits. It was a beautiful dive.

Tomorrow morning we are going side mounting down stream at Car Wash. Should be a good dive. I look forward to writing about it.