Cave Diving, Cave Exploration and Cave Mapping in Yucatan, Mexico
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About the Cave Exploration Team

The primary goal of the Quiet Diver Exploration Team is the protection and conservation of the Yucatan’s aquifer and cave systems through the exploration, data collection and survey of Q. Roo’s underwater cave systems.  The secondary goal of the team is to promote safe cave diving through education and innovation.

We believe that we can accomplish these goals by working as a team of friends with shared purpose and vision of cave diving.  We believe in promoting mutual respect and collaboration between cave explorers, cave divers, conservationist, scientist, urban planners, and the general public.

In the coastal area around Playa del Carmen and Tulum there is more than 918.0 kilometers (570.4 miles) of underwater cave passage (data: Quintana Roo Speleological Survey), our opportunity to explore and map these caves is due in large part to the work of previous explorers.  We believe it is a privilege and honor to push their lines and to add to their data.  We are committed to sharing our data with the QRSS and with collaborating explorers interested in reciprocating.   We are committed to the careful management of land owner relations and access.

Cave exploration on the Yucatan is such and enormous and never ending task that we believe in abundance and openness as guiding principles.  It is such a challenging and at times dangerous pursuit that we avoid any activity which may distract us from our primary goals as a team.

We are technical dive instructors, educators, guides, shop owners, publishers and amateur divers.  We cave dive and explore caves because we love to go where no person has gone before and we love caves.  We bring a diverse skill and experience set to bear on the problems associated with pushing the limits of current best practices in procedure, equipment and safety.  The Quiet Diver Team includes: Patrick Widmann, Kim Davidsson, Mauro Bordignon, and Hans Kaspersetz.  We do not believe in exclusivity, so drop us a line and we will respond.

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