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Protec Blog: Instructor Selection

Note: Fixed the link to the Protec Blog on 7/5/2009. Try it now. Sorry!

Matt has written an excellent essay on scuba instructor selection.  From his post,

Another important point is in how many different environments did the instructor conducted his dives activities in, is he or she experienced in warm water only or does the instructor have experience in cold water, black water, currents, wrecks or caves to relate within the training program to potential hazards or unique circumstances in various environments. There is nothing wrong getting in touch with a potential instructor and ask for a diving history report in various environments, experience in personal and teaching various levels of diving or a diving resume. This contact can be used as well to talk about course content and scheduling issues.

I would love to write a response, but I have to go and get a Trimix fill for my dive this weekend.  I hope you enjoy the essay.


1 Chris Sullivan { 08.05.09 at 6:30 am }

That link doesn’t work for me.

2 Hans Kaspersetz { 08.05.09 at 6:41 am }

Chris, thanks for the heads up on the broken link. It is fixed now. I wish someone else had alerted me sooner, I would have fixed it already.


3 Ray Casey { 01.01.10 at 3:20 pm }

Well said. Not many people appreciate the need to have an overall experience not just a simple qualification.