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Diving, Fitness and a Decision.

Fat people shouldn’t dive. They shouldn’t technical dive or do extremely demanding dives. I believe they put themselves and others at risk. And this belief poses a huge dilemma for me. My opinion of myself is that I am pretty fat and it seems that the NIH (Nation Institute of Health) would agree. The NIH defines obese as having a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or more. BMI is a correlation of height and weight. As of today, I weigh 246lbs or 112Kilos. At my height of 5’10” or 1.7 meters, I have a BMI of 35.4. I am surprised I didn’t keel over and have a heart attack while making those calculations.

The NIH suggests that the ideal BMI is 19 to 25, that gives me an ideal weight range of about 132 (60) to 174 lbs (79Kilos). Now, I have a target and I can attempt to resolve this dilemma. I have made a decision to loose 10lbs ( 4.5 kilos) before my next training session with Steve. I have gone ahead and announced this to Steve, Patrick, Katie, Allie, Scott, Pietro and some random customers at Protec. Everyone had a good laugh and asked when my next trianing session was? When I told them a month, they had another good laugh. They suggested I might need till 2009.

In my mind the only other option was to quit diving all together and blot out my miserable existence by eating myself to death. And however appealing that might be here in Mexico, I love Pastor, it just doesn’t seem like a reasonable solution. Who would I give my Meg to? Who would spend the day at Grand Cenote making fun of Patrick the Austrian Cave Extraordinare?

I am sure you are wondering what the plan will involve? Aren’t you? The plan is to spend more time in the gym and less time eating my favorite foods: chips, ice cream, gummy bears, pastor, fried shrimp tacos, twix, butter, and butter. I know this this completely laughable. However, I have already started on my path. In 2006, I lost 60lbs. I used a system called Leanness Life Style. It concentrated on defining achievable goals and then creating a food plan and a workout schedule that delivered the appropriate caloric deficits to achieve the desired weight loss. When I followed the plan closely, I regularly beat my projected losses. I was able to loose the 60lbs in about 5 months. So, I am committing to the Leanness system. No matter what happens, I will post regular updates on my progress.

I believe that I cannot make my weight loss contingent on anyone or anything. I will have to find a way to eat in a healthy way here in Mexico. To be honest, my life depends on it. Plus, there is a pool at Protec.

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1 Anna { 03.22.08 at 7:24 pm }

Good for you Hans – although – just so you know – at my skinniest I was 137 therefore I think 132 may be a little on the slim side for you:) I too am doing leanness lifestyle, and have some very similar mug shots (for decency’s sake I decided not to post mine). Its tough but you’ll do it! Off for a salad with Jeff. See you soon.