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Down Too Long Blog Launched.

Finally a post that is relevant to diving!  One of my favorite blogs, Down Too Long, has been redesigned and relaunched.  Brandon, the author, is a mate on the Independence II, a Meg diver, photographer and execellent diver.  You should go and check out the redesigned blog.  The photos are excellent and he does enough diving to entertain those of us who long for a nice cave dive.

The new blog can be found at:

And while I am pimping other people’s sites, Patrick and I both found Nick Toussaint’s site,, a worthwhile read.  Those guys are doing some big dives in some cold water.


1 david { 10.15.08 at 6:18 pm }

Nicolai is a great guy, i am still diving with the hid light he sold me when he used to own the very first halcyon store in the area, near dos ojos entrance.

2 Jason { 10.15.08 at 10:39 pm }

Good sites you found here.
I had already found Nick’s site and really liked his pic gallery.
Did you had a good week-end at the Pit?

3 Hans { 10.28.08 at 7:29 am }

Jason, sorry it took so long to approve this comment. I didn’t see it in the queue. We did have a good weekend at The Pit. You can read about it here: Training Safety Procedures at The Pit.