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Weigh In #2 on the Big Challenge!

Yesterday morning I got up and jumped on the scale! As it groaned under the load it reported a hefty 239.4.  I am sad to report that since last week there was scant progress towards my goal.

I know exactly why I made so little progress.  Instead of the going to the gym I dove 5 days last week.  And after diving, we went out to dinner where I ate far too much of my favorite foods like pizza and penne.   I am kinda bummed.  I took some progress photos tonight and when I compared them to the first set, I didn’t see any change.  My friends say they have noticed and I feel a little better.  But I still feel fat and by definition I am.

This week has started a little better.  I spent some time at the gym on Monday running and doing abs.  Running is becoming progressively easier for me.  When I started, I could run for 1.5 minutes and then walk for 1 minute.  Then I switched to running 1.5 minutes and walking for 30 seconds.  Now I am running for 2.5 minutes and walking for 30 seconds.  I only really start to struggle around the 25 minute mark.  I am currently running at a 5mph pace.  Next time I run, I am going to try and run continuously and skip the breaks.  I was running like that last fall.

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1 Hammerhead { 04.03.08 at 10:38 am }

Keep it up. You will eventually see the results you want. I have found running to be the best way to burn calories. And elevate your metabolism even after your workout is done. Then you can get away with eating some of the stuff you like.