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Trimix class is underway.


I finally made it into a Hypoxic CCR Trimix class! I am totally stoked. On Sunday, I went to a wedding. I got into bed around 2AM. Two and a half hours later, I got up and drove 6 hours up to Alexandria Bay, NY USA to meet with Andrew Driver and two other students. We were scheduled to start class around noon. When I arrived I found out one of the divers had already bailed. So it was down to two.

That afternoon we scheduled a dive. I hadn’t been in my dry suit in almost a year and I had to get situated. We made a dive on the Islander. It went ok.  I was completely wonky.  My trim was horrible and my weighting was out of wack.   I just didn’t account for how different it would be in my dry suit and thick underwear.  I should have known consdiering that fact that I had spent three years diving with a dry suit and thick undies.

After that dive the other student dropped out of the course. This was his second attempt at this class and he came to the reality that he just didn’t have it. So he made the right decision and walked away. So that left me alone! The sole focus of Andrew’s ever watchful eye.  Luckily,  a friend of ours, Eric Goldstien, came down from Canada to join us.  Eric is a super great guy and a fabolous diver.  He is great to take the piss out of and a lot of fun to spend time with.  So we had a team of three, Andrew, Eric and me.

As of this writing, we have made three dives on the Jodrey and one across the channel following an undersea cable.  The dives have been getting progressively better. I really strugled on the first two dives, while I looked for my trim and bouyancy.  The last two dives have been pretty good.

I think that is all I will tell you for now.  I will do a full write up when I get home.  Here are some photos for your enjoyment!


1 Jose Santiago { 09.11.08 at 2:32 pm }

Hey Hans! I’ve been quietly (pun intended) enjoying your blog for a couple of week. I want to hear more about the dive following the cable. How deep? How far? How long? I guess you stayed on the American side or did you go all the way to the Canadian side? I guess diving in September beats that ice dive a couple of years ago? Look forward to the next one!

2 Etienne { 09.15.08 at 8:09 pm }

So many time I whent to the keystorm and to the dariaw during the time my friend go to the jodrey. Next time, I will have the level I need…

keep going

3 Ken Winter { 09.26.08 at 12:01 pm }

Just curious if that’s Hans K., who came along with Jeff when we did our cave training a few years back.

4 Hans { 09.26.08 at 12:08 pm }

Hey Ken! It is the same Hans. Allie and I moved to Mexico to cave dive and hang out on the beach. Are you still cave diving?


5 Ken Winter { 10.02.08 at 7:43 pm }

Hi Hans – I’m waiting to do my CCR Cave and CCR Trimix courses in the spring. I still love cave diving, but don’t have much opportunity here in NJ. Once a year in Mex or Florida. Where are you and Allie? I usually make it to Cozumel in the spring. I didn’t get to see German this year, but we connected last year for a couple of dives. I’m enjoying my Optima. What are you diving?

6 Hans { 10.02.08 at 9:06 pm }

I am sorry you don’t get out more often, it is really hard when you live in NJ. I remember the pain of trying to get to Florida. We live in Playa del Carmen.

I dove with German a couple of years ago. Jeff and I did some Intro Level dives with him at Aerolito. I haven’t been back to the caves on Cozumel since. However, a close friend from NJ just moved to Cozumel and she is a cave diver. I imagine I will have some opportunities to dive over there soon.

Great to be back in touch with you.

7 Hans { 10.02.08 at 9:06 pm }

Ken, did you get a CCR? Which one? How do you like it?

8 Ken Winter { 10.08.08 at 1:14 pm }

I’ve been diving an Optima since March and loving it. If I get back to PDC or Coz I’ll let you know. Now I can see that you are luxrok on RBW. I’ll be in touch.