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Side-Mount Rebreather. A Prism in NJ.

My buddy in NJ, has finally received his side-mount Prism.    Check out how slick it looks!  He says he has a little more tweaking to do to make everything thing streamlined.  I can imagine how much time will really need to be invested in getting something so cool exactly right.

Side-Mount Prisim CCR

He has posted a very cool video of him diving it at Dutch Springs.  Notice all the exposure protection?  If you take a look at his rig, he is wearing his bailout/diluent on one side and the rebreather on the other side.  There is a sphere of 02 at the bottom of the canister.  Overall it is looking very very slick.  Rob, you are a rock star.  Now tell us how it dives!

Side-Mount Prisim Rebreather

The interesting thing about side-mounting the rebreather is that it handles the one cylinder or two cylinder for bailout question.  Now you only need one to balance you, the unit is the other.  If you need more bailout, then you just wear them like you would side-mount stages.  And it just looks so much easier on his back.  Of course there are many other benefits, but I am not going to go through them today.

Rob, answer me this, our hungry readers want to know:

  • Where are the counter lungs?  Are there 1 or 2?  Looks like they are in the standard position….
  • How hard is it to shut down the O2?
  • How is work of breadth in the different orientations?  I know I end up in some strange ones in side-mount.
  • I wonder what the kitting up procedure is like on the boat?  I have tried to mount my side-mount bottles standing and it can be a real PITA.  I wonder if the same is true about the ccr?
  • I wonder how much weight he added to balance that big steel cylinder?

So many questions!  Maybe I will try and score a visit with Rob in September, when I am home.  I would love some detailed photos and answers!

If you have any questions, let me know.